Anyé Young is extremely thankful for the sponsors who encouraged and supported her for #INCCIP2019 . Her sponsors provided for the cost of airfare, accommodations, transportation, meals and publicity. Public thanks and acknowledgments go to Above Prestige Public Relations, The Madra Cochrane Foundation, DC Project Connect, INCCIP, and The Bridging Group (Oakland, CA) for their sponsorship.

#INCCIP2019 was presented by the International Coalition for Children with Incarcerated Parents (INCCIP) and marks the 2nd Biennial INCCIP conference. The event took place at Huddersfield University UK on August 12th through August 14th. Delegates attended from 5 continents who represented universities, research networks, advocacy groups, and organizations that work with the families and children of prisoners throughout the globe.

Photo Credit: CFSC program coordinator, Verena Tan

This international event marked Young’s first keynote speech, where she shared her story as a teen with an incarcerated father. She also joined a panel of youth speakers following her keynote and presented her views on what she feels can be a lack of empathy for prisoners. Her key message was that she wants her father to be seen as a human being; not as an inmate.

Photo Credit: Kyungrim Lee (www.iseum.or.kr)

Anyé Young joined an elite group of professional keynote speakers including the following:

  • Dr. Samantha Cain – published academic and policy expert in the fields of family relationships and family law
  • Dr. Ann Adalist-Estrin – Director of the National Resource Center on Children & Families of the Incarcerated (Rutgers Univ.)
  • Liz Ayre – Executive Director of Children of Prisoners Europe (COPE Network)
  • Diego Quiroz – acting Head of Strategy at the Children & Young People’s Commissioner in Scotland
  • Dr. Liz Gordon – researcher and Barrister working in the justice and social policy sectors
  • Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson – President & Co-founder of DC Project Connect (DCPC)
  • Anne Fox – Chief Executive Officer at Clinks

Photo Credit: MyTime (Dr. Lorna Brooks)

During the conference, Young received offers to translate her book (#TGLWIP) to Italian, Spanish, and Korean. She also received an invitation to share her story and present on behalf of children with incarcerated parents in Korea.

Photo Credit: Kyungrim Lee (www.iseum.or.kr)

For those interested in booking a speaking engagement, needing wholesale book orders, or simply wanting to connect, please email info@AbovePrestigePR.com. Thanks so much!

Photo Credit: DC Project Connect

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